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So yeah - I'm more than crap at this. I've been a bad bad Live Journal member and taken to using my account to Watch communities etc but really I need to fix that. So here I am kicking my own ass, I hereby try to commit to posting regularly about my crazy life.

So whats new? Erm I had another baby...my second little Princess. She's so damn cute is rediculous and yeah I'm her Mummy so of course I'm gonna say that.

What else? We moved back to Scotland..woohoo. I'm SO much happier and content up here, I've got my friends and my social life back...very strange after years without both.

Migraine tonight, hate it....want to claw my eyes out but that would just be messy, and I'd still have the stupid migraine.

On that note I'm gonna go.

Later people.

Creative Writing Course...

Has anyone ever done one?

A good friend of mine and I were chatting today and she's encouraging me to look into it. Now I must admit the thought has never crossed my mind, I do love writing but unfort. my darling hubby doesn't take it seriously. He's never really read anything I've written - he read the first couple of chapters of my fic but the content is not his thing. Since I got married I've not had time to write much so I've reveled in my fic.

Hmm...soo - the questions are...

Should I even broach the subject with my darling spouse?
If I do how am I going to get him to agree to spending over £500 on it?
Am I insane? Hehe

Answers on a postcard please :)

I shall no return to trying to bully my muse, hehe.


My muse - back for good??

So my muse seems to be back and playing nicely again. Managed a whole 2 chapters of my fic in a row and the third is getting there...does this mean I can finally stop banging my head on the desk in an attempt to get some sort of inspiration?! I'm not counting my chickens just yet ;)

So what else is happening in HollyWorld? Not much, same old really. My 4th wedding anniversary this month - now that is seriously scary. At least we haven't killed each other yet! Where the hell did 4 years go?! Gahh!!!

Anyway, going to try to be a productive human being and write somemore before Muse decides to take off again.

Later peoples!
So today I'm feeling a little homesick. It sucks living 600 miles from your friends and family. Not that I'm missing my family *cough* but my friends, the mountains and the sea. Roll on when we can move back North. It's so cliche'd but it's like the Cheers theme tune 'Where everybody knows your name', I long to be able to walk into my friends house and drop myself on the sofa and have a laugh about nothing over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Sappy or what?!

Typing up my fic at the momemt, in three paragraphs I'm going to run out of handwritten material and will need to get my bloody muse to play nice again.

On the plus side I just found out a movie is being made based on Northern Lights, from the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman *squeee* It's gonna be some movie, they're fantastic books.

Soooo...here goes with the typing thing again, fingers crossed my muse comes back to play!

*Throttles Muse*

Ok, so my muse obviously hates me. It really isn't playing fair *pouts*

So I'm three pages in to latest chapter but now I've hit the wall, it's like taking blood out of a stone. I actually had to do some unpacking as I was fed up of staring at the computer screen. *bangs head on desk*

On a side note I seem to have become addicted to Psp9 brushes, I tried to insall 200 at one time and Psp tried to kill itself. It didn't work *pokes out tongue* but it never let me insall them all *grumbles* Perhaps there is a livejournal self help group for that?! Either that on my Psp is going to need therapy.

Weeelll I'm going to see if my muse is back..wish me luck folks :)

The Entry has landed

So ok, I'm going to give a bash at creating my own journal - please excuse me if this place looks awful. Methinks I need to get the hang of it.

Wish me luck :)